Friday, June 24, 2011

Welcome to Jenni's Saturday Writing Course

Hi, I'm Jenni and I'll be your writing secrets teacher.  Muhaha! <--Ahem.  Don't mind me, sometimes I get a bit carried away. *grins* 

I purposely decided to use a blog format so you can all join in and easily find old posts, instead of a FB group where many of you still are not allowed FB accounts.

You may invite anyone you wish to come along to the class with you as well.  Because I'm nice like that.  You do not have to be a teen, but you need to realize I am gearing these classes for teens and so don't expect them to be all stuffy and serious.  These will be a bit differently laid out than most online courses.  For one thing, the class is FREE! (wahoo!) and another, there are no grades.  Everyone gets an A+ here.  :)

Basically, this is just for fun.  As in writing totally rocks my socks--so I think it should rock yours too.  I plan on sharing my knowledge, just everything I know about writing.  Each Saturday I'll post a lesson.  That lesson will usually have a video of me saying howdy and then a breakdown of what I'm teaching that week.

I like to laugh.  I don't like to cry when I learn something new, learning should be fun, so don't plan on getting frustrated and cry--learning isn't about crying, it's about growing.  And most importantly see me for who I am:  Just a crazy mom (with way too many kids) who enjoys giggling as much as you do.  (No, seriously.  I'm always getting in trouble for laughing at all the wrong times.  Eeep.  True story.)

Anyway, if you're up for laughing and learning the awesome secrets of world building, dialogue, action, description, romantical moments, pacing, etc. then you're at the *write* place.  :)

So pull up your computer and have a seat.
Let the games begin.
Jenni James

PS From time to time you may notice a few minor errors, I can't catch everything, please don't expect perfection.  Just let me know what needs fixing on my posts and I'll do it.


I want you to comment below introducing yourselves and tell me what you'd like to learn about.  Over the next few weeks I'll be creating my essays and getting my lesson plans in place... and it would be a whole lot easier if I knew what the masses wanted to learn about, or what you needed help with most. So comment below--don't forget to leave a name of some sort.


  1. Hey, my name is Rachael. I'm sixteen, I love to write and read! When I write I'm afraid my grammar and punctuation isn't the best so I would like to have a lesson on grammar/punctuation.
    Thanks for making these posts/videos/blogs' for free, writing classes are quite expensive and you've opened up a new opportunity for people who can't afford it :)
    Much love

  2. Hiyah, my name is Susmi. Pronounced as shush-me. Sometimes, people call me Sushi to tease me, and they think it's perfect because I LOVE sushi. I'm almost 14 years old. My birthday is in five days. :D
    I love reading and writing my own stories, but I just need that extra push to get started, you know? I have trouble thinking up the first scene, or line. I also need help in vocabulary and grammar.
    Thanks for making classes!

  3. The comment thing isn't working for me, so here goes my fifth time trying to do this. You can call me either Cudge or Dante. I want to learn everything. I am 13 years old. I live in coooold Indiana. My sister is a writing major at the college of Hanover. I learned most of my works by sneaking on her computer and reading her story .-. I want to learn: how to write in present and past tense, 1st and 3rd person point of view, how to start a story, and how to introduce characters.

  4. Oh shoot, I forgot to add my thanks in advance. I love you for making this! It's been my dream to learn from a published author!

  5. hey I'm Mel and I am 16 and from Australia. I heard about this from a fellow wattpader and I'm glad she told me :) I would like to know how to do a good romance, grammar help and how to structure your story so the readers keep coming back for more :)

  6. Well, my name is Amber, I'm 13, (I`m a fan of you on Facebook)and I'm from Canada. I'm also from wattpad. Congbaide.
    I don't have anything in particular to suggest or improve upon, My grammar is quite good, I guess. But I'm hoping to learn something new anyways. Thanks for your free secrets and advice! I know it'll be awesome.
    I love to read and write, though I am having trouble with finishing stories. Not because of new ideas, just because I seem to lose my thought process as I write it. So I end up hating it. Does that make sense?
    Anyways, thanks again!

    -Amber :)

  7. Hey(:

    My name's Laura, and I'm really excited to be learning from you! I would like to learn how you edit your stories. Not the grammatical and spelling parts, but more the ideas that just don't fit. I'm having trouble deciding what should stay and go in my story, and I would LOVE if you could give me some pointers.

    Thanks Bunches!

  8. Hi I'm Layla
    I love reading and writing.I'm 14 years old. I would like to learn how to keep the plot moving and how to build suspense in a story. also how to make a story witty and make the reader want to keep reading.
    Oh and can you give me some tips on how to over come writers block

    thnxx :)

  9. Hola! My name is Shi'Asia, but most people call me Shay. I've been writing since I was very young, but that was for children's stories. Now I've moved onto YA and I'm willing to learn all that you can teach me. Most of my writing's pretty good (if I say so myself *tehe*), but pacing is my down fall. Also intros, I'd rather just jump in the story.

  10. Hey guys! Thanks for your responses! I've just checked my stats and it looks like we've 350+ teens signed up for the course! YAY! Not too shabby. :) Though perhaps a few of you are a bit shy... Lol!

    Anyway, i'm getting my lessons together now, so excited to begin our first class on Saturday! Remember if you'd like to get the lessons in your inbox, you can sign up for the email list over on the right. You emails are completely protected by blogspot, even I don't have access to them. *grins*

    Also remember if you have any friends or family you know who'd like to join, send them this link! This is so going to rock! And the best part? I get to do something I love! Teaching. :)

    See you Saturday!

  11. Hi, my name is Katy, im eleven. I'm from Spain so my engish is not as good as yours, guys. I writte since I was young, little short stories. Now i'm writting a story of adventure, romance and suspense with two of my friends. I woud like to learn about grammar, how to write with more persons and the plot building... Oh!, and also how to make your characters as memorable as Harry Potter!

    tnks a loot!! XD:)=O

  12. Hi, my name is Gilberto, but you can call me Gil. I'm sixteen years old, and I've wanted to be an author since I was ten. I'd like to improve my description, and learn how to have better pacing.

  13. Yo xD Ayesha here (aka MUNNI from wattpad!) How about having a lesson on dialogue and the impact it has on the impression a person gets on a reader? That would be cool because a lot of the time it is a wee bit difficult to get your characters to sound like different people because the writer themselves will always talk/act the same.


  14. Munni! Hello darlin! So glad to see you here! Dialogue is my passion! I LURVE it! Great idea/

    Welcome Gil--you're the second guy to admit he's joined the class. This is awesome! So glad to have you. Description and pacing are great subjects!

    And howdy Katy! Your totally cool mom just found me on facebook! :) I'm so excited to learn you're coauthoring at 11! Coauthoring can be crazy fun. Welcome to the class. And thanks for the suggestions.

    Looks like we're well on our way to having around 600 students so far! Wonder if we could break 1,000 by next week? This is soo cool! Okay, okay... I'm off to start filming and writing my lesson... Let's hope my kids are quiet and let me! :)


  15. Hi, I'm Ella. I'm 16 and from Canada, as well as from the land of Wattpadia. I'm really excited to see what you have to say!
    Any tips on dialogue would be awesome, since I consider that to be the backbone of any story. And maybe could you share the process you went through to get your work published? It must've been one of the most amazing moments of your life! I'd love to hear THAT story from you ;)
    Other than that, I'll be reading your lessons and doing any homework you assign, lol.
    Thanks for doing this! It's the coolest idea ever.
    -Ella <3

  16. Hi, Ella! Happy Birthday to Canada! LOL! I'll be happy to share my publishing story with you--all the ups and downs too. *grins*

    thanks for your thoughts!

    And wow! New stats are saying we've got 703 signed up!!! :)


  17. What's this about a writing course?! Sign me up! ;)

  18. JEFF!!!! Eeep. You found me! Lol! See how busy I've been while you've been touring the UK and France? Welcome home--you and the lovely Mrs. Sinclair! And you're gonna sign up, eh? You better! I need someone keeping me in line. Lol! This could be a great course for you anyway, since you're an English teacher in training, it'll be like what NOT to do while teaching teens. LOL!

  19. Hi! First off I would just like to say that I LOVE your books! I actually want to buy them when they come out! So I guess we can go with my wattpad name which is "zaqwsxcde" or asaray! :) I think this is a wonderful idea! When I write sometimes I find it difficult with strong vocabulary, and developing characters in a book. When your first introducing a character....well that's what I have trouble with! How should you introduce them like their personality....haha! And sometimes dialogue can be a any tips?! :D Thank you! :) Can't wait!

    -asaray ^_^

  20. Yes, I guess I am the first boy to admit to joining the class xD Now I have a title o_O Also, Jenni, I need help with picking names for characters without something cliche like "Samantha Smith". I want something exotic, yet natural.

  21. Hi. My name is Aisyah and I am thirteen. I love reading and writing and I Just started writing last month. I would love to know how to get people's attention. Is it the description or is it the title of the story? I would also love to know how to make my story look natural, as if it was realistic ( with hints of seriousness and humor). I hope you get what I mean.
    PS: I am from WattPad, known as AshJay-. Yup, that's me. :)
    Oh, PPS: do you think it's weird and wrong for a girl my age to be up and writing? I mean my friends gave me skeptical looks when I told them. It was heartbreaking. So is it? Should I continue or stop?

  22. @Asaray Okay. Great. I love character development. LURVE it! That'll be a fun class to do & of course, dialogue too. :)

    @Cudge407 Hehehe! you're soo first. Lol! I LURVE names too. Love them. Great class idea. Thanks!

    @Ash16--AshJay! Yay! So glad you joined the class! How are you darlin? Great teaching ideas!

    As to your friends... Come here. Listen here. You are amazing! Do you hear me? AMAZING!!! How I wish I could've loved writing at such a young age! Can you imagine how much better I'd be at it now?! Seriously, Ash--Don't worry about your friends, okay? They're just jealous. I've lost a lot of friends since I've become a writer--adult friends--but I love to write. It is my life and my passion. If you love to write even half as much as I do. Grab hold of that dream and don't let anyone tell you you can't. Okay? Writing is one of those things that is only good for you. You're only going to progress and develop and learn in so many ways. It will help you with school, your IQ will raise significantly, it will help you understand people better, and learn at a much faster rate. It is so good for you. So reach for the stars--follow your dreams--and don't let ANYONE tell you or make you feel bad about what you do. Okay?

    Lol! So YES! Keep writing! You're my hero. :)


  23. Hello! My name is Sophia and I heard about this writing course on Wattpad. I go by Fee1022 there! Honestly, I think the idea of this course is amazing and will be very helpful. I'm looking forward to the lessons. I think character development and endings will be something great to learn about. One of my biggest issues in writing is that I haven't been able to finish one. I begin writing and it seems to flow and then suddenly there is the ending. I'm stuck and I can't put down the perfect ending. Please, I need some help!!
    Anyway, thanks for these lessons.
    Sophia <3

  24. HI! My name is Hailey(LeeLee) and I heard about this on wattpad. I go by HayLeeM there. I think it's awesome that your doing this, though I haven't read your stories yet, I am going to. One of my biggest is I haven't finished one! I start it writing all my heart out, but I stop because I have other Idea's and I already thought of the ending of the book. It's like I get bored with it and move on. It would mean so much if you helped with that!
    Thank you for doing these lessons!

  25. This is great!!!!

    I've learnt so much already! I can't wait for more!

  26. @giddymomof6 Thank you so much. I feel loads better after hearing/reading what you have said. In fact, you have motivated me so much that I will dedicate the next chapter I am going to write to you. So expect a dedication soon, yeah? ;)

  27. Hey Jenni! :D
    Its Cherish. ^.^
    Umm yeah so. I need to learn how to pace myself and be more descrpitive. :3 Also, endings and such... D: Yeah. xD

  28. @Spohia & LeeLee--it looks like you two are in the same boat. Yeah, finishing a story can be tough especially if you've lost your momentum, I'll be sure to teach a class (or maybe a few) on that! Thanks! :)

    @Sara--See how brave you are? *grins* Glad to see the hydrochloric acid didn't have any lasting effects. ;)

    @Ash--Yay! A whole chapter dedicated to me! Cool. :)

    @Cherish--I sooo knew it was you... *grins* Pacing is the next lesson! This is great. Thanks for joining.

  29. Hey Jenni,
    you already know me....:D. I'ma huge fan of your books.(Plus we've chatted before)
    I like to do a LOT of things but mostly concerning the arts (music, writing, reading, sketching, art, craft, etc.)
    I'd like to learn about how to keep readers intriqued and wanting more. And also how to store ideas for stories 'cause what happens often with me is I start something but then when I don't keep up with more details for the story, I tend to give up. Is there any advice on how I can keep my cool and ways of coming up with ideas?
    And Once I do start writing, I will be dedicating a chapter to you so DO check out my work!

  30. Hello my name is Donna,
    I've written a few things but never seem quite satisfied with the story or its end.
    My desire is to be a freelance writter, and write some books to be published. I won't reveal my age. Im to old lets just say...LOL but im looking forward to some of your insight. I like to write mystery, murder suspense, and some just out of this world freaky books, the link in this comment is one i wrote and I'd like your opinion on it. I dont think its very good it's missing something..(if you have the time....8)

  31. also thanks for the chance to learn from you.

  32. OMG I forgot to give you the link to my book...LOL

  33. @nawar28! Howdy! So good to see you here! :) Great ideas... and easy tips to slip into any of my lessons. :)

    @Donna--Welcome! So glad you've popped by. It's really easy to write a book and not be satisfied. That's when rewriting and editing comes into play. I love editing! The chance for making something good into something amazing. :)

    As for you book--first off you totally had me chuckling, that is so something i do (forget links!)... I will try to give it a gander, but I actually get a lot of requests a day to look at books for people, which is why i've started this blog. Your best bet is to make sure you post areas you're having problems with in the comments of each lesson (as long as it pertains to the lesson ;) ) and we can go through it a bit at a time.

  34. Hola! I'm Anna Swanson (that's my pen name). I'm thirteen and I love writing!! I've only written two novels because I'll start writing, then a plot bunny (an idea) will just sit on my word document (and hit me with a carrot) until I finally decide to start another novel with the plot bunny that was sitting on the page. I currently have around twenty unfinished novels that are only three pages long. XD
    I would like to know how to start a novel and continue writing the novel until it's finished!

  35. Hiya! I found you one the home page of the best site ever!! Wattpad:D
    I'd like to know:
    -how to add strong emotions to a story. I read a book once and it made me cry
    -how to finish story ideas. I have 7 major ones i'm hoping between and 27 ideas that are between 2 to 3 pages
    -how to write in 2nd and 3rd person and tips on 1st person
    -how to successfully make the reader feel like they're in the story
    That's all i can think of:) thanks for the show and tell video. i'm actually somewhat good at that part! One more thing...HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!(teehee i'm first to say it lol)

  36. @Anna--Welcome! I love your metaphors... "plot bunny" and "carrot" so adorable! and ONLY 2 novels at 13? Pshaw! Lol! Less than one percent of people in the world can even say they've written one! :)

    @Jada--Ooh yeah! emotions! What a great class idea. :) Actually all your ideas are fun, this is gonna be an awesome class!
    Thanks, by the way. My family has been celebrating all weekend. We LOVE the 4th! :D


  37. Hi, my names Lizzie, I'm thirteen, and I'm from England. :-D

    I always liked reading, and when I was 8 I acctually wrote a story with chapters, although the chapters were short and there were a lot of gramiccal errors, it was enough to convince me that I was much more suited to writing than becoming the best singer in the world... X-D

    I'd really like to see if you could give any tips about how to start a story, and write a first sentance that compells the reader to read. Sometimes I write the middle and ending to a story, with no idea how to start it.

    Lizzie :-)

  38. Hi I'm Nadine I'm 14 years old.People call me Deen or Deena, I think I have trouble with grammar and sometimes plot development. I really can't wait for all your tips. I've written one story, and I'm always getting new ideas I don't know what to do with all of them.

  39. Hey! my name is Tess and I'm thirteen. I only really got into writing last year but now im kind of obbesesd. I can hear my characters talking in my head and am always imagining new plots and story ideas.

    I have one story I really believe in and I'm very proud of. Though it's not all finished, I've showed it to 2 of my friends which took a lot of courage for me. My story is told in the first perspective so i would like some help with getting rid of all the 'i's

    thank you so much

  40. @lollystar... who, gripping beginnings. that's a nice topic. thank you! :)

    @Nadine.. Aren't new ideas the best? Lol! Plot development and grammar... okay. Great subjects! thank you! And Welcome. :)

    @Tess... LOL! I'm the same as you! I can hear my characters too! :) Great idea, ways to use other words.... we'll add that too. :)

  41. Hi! First off let me just say I love all your stories on Wattpad, they're awesome! And I was just a little confused on how to start the first chapter. I really want to capture a reader during the first chapter. Have them be like "Oh man this rocks!" instead of "Oh, it's okay but I don't know if I'll read the next one." :). So I was wondering of you could help me with that and also how to introduce a character in an interesting way. If you could do that at some point that would be awesome.

    -Thanks a bunch :)

  42. A lot of you are having trouble commenting for some reason. Until blogger/google gets those kinks worked out, you're welcome to email me your responses and I'll post them up for you. :)

    Here is kimberly's hello!

    What's up! My name is Kimberly and I'm from the U.S.! On Wattpad, my username is KimberlyCheung. I'm so excited for the lessons!

    What I want to learn (hope it's not too much):

    - How to add more descriptions and actions.
    - How to write longer chapters.
    - Character development.
    - Grammer and puntuaction.
    - Tips for writing in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd person.

    Thanks so much!

    @Hartlei... Thank you so much for your comments! Definitely, we'll work on grabbing the reader. Great idea! :)

    @Kimberly... Those are also some great ideas! I'm so happy to have you both in my class! :)


  43. Usually I don't show emotions when I'm on Wattpad, mainly because my Wattpading time mainly consist of being on my iTouch, hiding under the covers after everyone else in my house is asleep. However, the Austen Diaries had me laughing through tears at 4am :)
    Gday, my name is Kat (unless your my mom, then my name is Katrina Madrid Jefferson - she decided to name me after a hurricane and a country. My parents were probably drunk when they named me. I AM part Irish!) I'm 13 years old, and I just got shipped to the US from Australia, where I'll be living with my uncle and baby cousin for the summer while my parents drift abroad. Wow, that would make a great story-line...if only I had six more cousins where that came from, close to my age, with gorgeous baby blues and rockhard 6-packs. Hmm, a girl can only wish...
    Well, I'm a huge writer...secretly. Though during the day I play the roll of a careless cheerleader who doesn't believe in love, by night I'm the overthinking diehard romance fan. Unfortunately, my writings go no further than savings on Microsoft Word.
    So, I think its time for me to come clean. Ditch the skateboard and embrace the keyboard, y'know? (It was either that or "ditch the pompoms, embrace the pen.)

    What I'd like to learn...
    -As you can see, I'm overly wordy. With the simplest of thoughts, I go on and on about every single detail (which drops my pre-algrabra grade, where less is more). Now I'm thinking less is more in writing, too. Getting to the point, what I adore most about your writing is...(how do I put this?) how you can use just so many words, and capture a vivid emotion. Whereas I'd just go on and on and on...
    -Character development. My characters are always "flat", drab, bleh...
    -AN ENDING! I have so many beginnings, so little endings. I think 1/2 way through I get bored of a story and push it further and deeper into my file of rejected outlines.

    Thank you SOOO much!!!!

  44. @Manali--Thank you! Lol! Especially for your comments on my writing... now, onto yours. How fun for you! I hope you have a great time here in the US and happy writing. Thank you for your class suggestions. Awesome. Hope you enjoy them.


  45. This is a new one from Jamilla, she couldn't leave a comment, so she sent it to me on wattpad.

    "Heya...I um...tried multiple times to post this comment onto your writing lessons blog :( Can you post it up for me? Hello, I’m Jamilla, I’m seventeen years old and I’ve been writing for like a year and a half now. What would I like to learn? Everything! Anything! I think that everyone in their comments has covered the things that I’ve wanted to work on, like making my first person ‘showing’ of a story captivating and not just repetitive and how to know when I put in enough description, how to make my character relatable and how to make them act there age (lol), how to write in such a way that it moves people like how Prince Tennyson moved me repeatedly to tears. Thanks so much for doing this, we, the people, really appreciate it. ^.^ oh p.s. Would you like to do an interview? O_o

    Thank you for your ideas. I'm glad you LOVED prince Tennyson, it makes me bawl like a baby, you have no idea. And I'd love to do an interview! thank you for asking. :)


  46. Hi! My name is Emma and my username on wattpad is Emmierox480. I think it's great that you're doing this because it helps younger writers start to write better and more descriptively.
    What I want to learn:
    - Descriptions
    - 1st 2nd and 3rd point of views
    - Character development

  47. This comment has been removed by the author.

  48. Hey! This is Amber aka Star_catcher37 from Wattpad. (I've noticed alotta people from there :D)
    The run of my life is that I've been an only child (just got a baby bro! :D:D) with busy parents and a heck of an imagination. I always had a story idea or a plotline running through my head but only started writing recently. Now I'm always writing and desperately wanna finish a story.
    I thank Jamilla for helping me find you and you AMAZING story, Prince Tennyson. You had my tears streaming then me laughing then going "Aww" loud enough to wake my parents then bawling my head off all over again :)

    ~Star (Amber)

  49. Hey! So I'm Cynthia and I'm 13. I'm from Singapore, u know th little red dot? Yep, there's where I'm from. My Wattpad acc is GoddessOfEternalLove.
    So I know I'm totally late for this, like this was posted during July and now, it's September. But no worries, I'll catch up :)
    I would like to learn how to write good stories and how to describe things, people etc. Cause I guess my spelling and grammar and stuff are pretty good, that's y I can b an editor on Watty! :)
    So yep, that's about it. Cya! :D

    - Cynthia, or u can juz call me Cyn

  50. Hi, if you can, go there and please, click in thumb. I will be gratefull. It takes not even 10 seconds. Thanks

  51. HI! I'm Hailey and I'm 13. I'm from Washington, I love it because it rains so much XD. My Wattpad is BrIgHtLiGhTs21. I know I'm really late but I'm gonna be doing this a lot on my free time, So you'll see a lot of me. I would like to learn how to describe things, and I would like to learn how to make a good story.
    I've been writing for a long time, but I'm new to taking it seriously.
    That's really it.

  52. Hi! My name is Kally and I think the idea of the classes is completely awesome and I would really like to learn about endings. Not so much book endings as much as where to end your chapters. Please and thank you, and I really look forward to the upcoming classes and will be sure to check the ones I missed. I actually came to this site from wattpad after I finished reading your Beauty and the Beast story and went to see if I could read anymore because your book was really interesting, it sort of reminds me of a harlequin romance novel. I also think it's really cool that your a published author and everything as I would also like to become a published author one day. Oh and before I forget, I just turned 13 about 4 months ago and my Wattpad account is KallyS and I would really appreciate if you could check out my book and give me some pointers. Thank you so much.

  53. Hi! My name is Kally and I think the idea of the classes is completely awesome and I would really like to learn about endings. Not so much book endings as much as where to end your chapters. Please and thank you, and I really look forward to the upcoming classes and will be sure to check the ones I missed. I actually came to this site from wattpad after I finished reading your Beauty and the Beast story and went to see if I could read anymore because your book was really interesting, it sort of reminds me of a harlequin romance novel. I also think it's really cool that your a published author and everything as I would also like to become a published author one day. Oh and before I forget, I just turned 13 about 4 months ago and my Wattpad account is KallyS and I would really appreciate if you could check out my book and give me some pointers. Thank you so much.

  54. My name is Brittany and I am 18... I love to write, and I have a lot of poems, essays, short stories, and novels-in-the-works. I mainly need help with creating good dialogue and getting unstuck when I get writer's block.

  55. My name is Juliene, 18, my most concerns are with dialogue and how to properly write them. I'm very good at summaries and I know what I want to happen but I have trouble with actually writing it down.

  56. Hi my name is Roslyn and I am 21, I love to write but in my opinion my writing is too short for my liking and would like to find ways to play words to where it's longer and more interesting to read. Also I would like to learn how to make the reader feel like there apart of the story, I've always liked reading stories where I feel like I'm part of the adventure and would like the readers to experience the same thing. I think learning how to organize my thought's and to format the story would also help me become a better writer.

  57. Hi my name is Roslyn and I am 21, I love to write but in my opinion my writing is too short for my liking and would like to find ways to play words to where it's longer and more interesting to read. Also I would like to learn how to make the reader feel like there apart of the story, I've always liked reading stories where I feel like I'm part of the adventure and would like the readers to experience the same thing. I think learning how to organize my thought's and to format the story would also help me become a better writer.

  58. Hi Miss Jenny! My name is Tanya and I'm 12 years old (close to 13!). I have seriously started writing since I turned 10 or 11. What I really want to learn is how to make my story flow smoothly and how to create characters that will reduce people to tears! ;) I want to learn how to get people to feel a part of the story like I feel every time I read a book. I want them to get lost in the story! MY story! I'll be great if you could help me! Thanks for creating this blog and helping aspiring to be authors! Bye Miss Jenny!
    All the best,


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