Saturday, July 23, 2011

Lesson 4: The Long Haul (finish that story!)

Howdy!  Today's lesson is on keeping yourself motivated to actually finish that story.

Hope you enjoy the video:

Remember the best way to get something done is to just do it.  So sit down, write at least 15 minutes a day and prioritize your time.  Enjoy yourself, plan new twists and turns and have fun! 

HOMEWORK HOMEFUN ASSIGNMENT:  Share with me in the comments below something new that you've written and you're excited about.  300-400 words is best.  I'm excited to see what you come up with.


  1. I've finished my first novel Blue Eyed Swans and plan to edit it A LOT because it wasn't as great as I wanted it to be in the beginning but it gets better with time. The second book is Called Red Eyed Revenge and I've started that too. Enjoy the excerpt from BEY below.

    Celeste's P.O.V.

    Everyone froze. The vampires were all thrown back to their side and the wizards were all thrown back to ours. In between us stood a cylinder of pure white light. Alec and I exchanged glances and we knew. I dug into a pocket and threw my rose charm out onto the rocks. It transformed silently. Alec walked up towards the light but he turned around and walked back down to me. He gave me a big hug and as he did so I slowly turned us around so that my back was now facing the light. He light which, once entered can't be left.

    In my mind I ordered the magical rose to distract only Alec, nobody else. He backed away the same time I did and he didn't realize until he bumped into Rowan. The magic of the rose broke, and his eyes widened as he realized what was about to happen.
    "Celeste...." he began but I never heard the end. I stepped into the light.

    Immediately all sound from the outside was blocked I was sucked up into my memories as I slowly lifted of the ground. I spoke the words that had hidden in my head for so long as I slowly rotated in the blue light. (it changed when I walked in) I closed my eyes and my happiest times flashed in front of me as I spoke the words,

    "Haec quondam fuit pura creatura tenebrae,"  I saw Alec as we waked down the halls laughing at something from earlier that day.

    "Nunc autem rectores tenebrarum noctis visus." 'This is the best day ever!' I exclaimed to a smiling Violet.

    "See his creaturis quae destruunt vitam tollere malum sit, abstulit vitam." Julianne hugged me as we set up a tea party picnic.

    "Quidam sunt boni bonum vampires manet. numquam erit molem hanc," Alec and I sat with a bunch of friends star gazing, and I pointed out a constellation.

    "Quantitatem. Occiderentur. Et curabo eos, qui bona cum ceteris," I stood in front of an applauding audience after a big play I had done.

    "Vulneribus animae meae." everything froze. I opened my eyes back to the real world. For one second I glimpsed Marie and her terrified eyes, as if she knew what would happen next. But before I could relay anything to her I saw one last memory

    "Hey, so since we'll be acting together for this play I thought I might as well introduce myself, since I've never met you before. My name is Celeste Evans." I stuck my hand out at the boy as friendly as I could possibly be. He looked back at me kindly and smiled,
    "Pleased to meet you," he said shaking my hand gently, "my name is Alec Royal."

    Everything went back to a blinding white. I felt my life and my magic being ripped painlessly out of my body. Screams of torture filled that vampire side as they crumbled to dust, nothing being left. I heard Violet's gasp as Vincent's would was healed. I watched emotionlessly as the vampire's layer bust into flames and collapsed. The light slowly began to die, and I was lowered gently to the ground. I stood there for a moment, and my clothes changed back into the dress I was wearing at the palace.

    I glanced behind me as Alec watched thinking I was going to live. But then I fell to the ground. My head hitting the stone soundlessly. I drew my last breath. And just before I died the clouds parted and I found the one constellation I needed.

    The Swan.

    Hope you enjoyed.

  2. favorite part of my novel Doppled in Gray that I recently wrote.

    The room pixelates, implodes and then disappears, leaving us in a small patch of golden green glass that is quickly growing. Minutes, maybe just seconds later it is a huge field, sprawling farther than the eye can see and the golden light coming from every which way is warming our bodies. Though not one of us is smiling. And I am glad that I do not because then I hear a precarious wail.
    The wail isn't human, not even close. It is animalistic, somewhere between a roar and a determined scream of dominance. Everyone is pointed in a different direction, trying to figure out where it is coming from. And then, from very far away but still too close for comfort, I see it.
    I guess that the thing I am looking at is reptilian, but I can not be sure. It's body is huge, making the once warm light turn to cold shadows that haunt every corner of this place, even if it is artificial. The thing's has onyx scales covering every part of its body that I can see. Heads sprout from its body and the wail is heard again only this time louder. It is emitting from every mouth of the thing. A couple people cover their ears, not able to take the painful sound. Though, I manage to bare it, keeping my strong stance as it walks forward at it's own slow pace; although with every pace forward its giant clawed paws takes, at least a hundred feet are covered. It opens its mouth once more and I have to cover my ears this time in the subconscious thought that my eardrums might break. My eyes go wide as I spot it's teeth, every single one like a dagger, three times as big as mine. For a minute it resembles a dog but then my terror takes over and I can no longer think, simply taking quick steps back.

  3. First off, love how you talk to your kids lol it's cute (ah, no, down sir, thank you) and second I'm working on a chapter right now and got stuck for a secod then realized it was Saturday and went here immediatly to see the new vision and I have an awesome idea so I'm going to go before I loose and and comment again sometime later

    Thanks for the help!

  4. Awesome lesson today! I think I have this lesson down to pat though. I also own a notebook of my own, where I write down ideas and scences when they just come to my head and I dont actually watch TV. HP rules, by the way =]
    Uh, I have lots of ideas and because it's Summer, Im planning on finishing at least two or three of my stories =)

  5. @Imagination34 Wow! It sounds like an epic story. Awesome choice to show as well. I can see why you're so pleased with it. :)

    @aspiringauthorsarah Wow! This is beautiful as well! I love it. And I LOVE the title of the book. :)

    Ahem. So both of you. Now, I wanna see something new too. Lol! :)


  6. @harlei. Lol! Yep. That's how I talk to all my kids... no, sir. Yes, ma'am. Thank you. Lol! :) I can't wait to see what you come up with! Glad you're loving the lessons.

    @amelia... wahoo! Smart girl! If you're already making serious sacrifices for your writing, then you are already ahead of most authors I've ever met. You will remember me when you're famous, right? *grins*


  7. I loved the hair analogy, since I've been attempting to grow mine out for about as long as I've been writing this particular novel! Unfortunately, I have yet to tie myself down to a specific novel enough to finish it out - but I'm stuck now on one to fully finish first. Having been stuck for several months now, your course - and this lesson especially - are motivating me as I needed! I'm going to set out from here to write something up...Thanks a bunch!

    P.S. - I do the same thing with the notebooks! :)

  8. You really inspired me to keep writing. So much that I wrote like two chapters, well the second one is in the process, but at the moment they are 13 mircosoft word pages put together. Its not really a lot but I'm not even close to finishing the second chapter. I am still very inspired.

    Here's a passage from one of the chapters I wrote. Don't mind the crazy coma talk ;D

    Cold air nipped at my face and I shivered into my winter jacket. The wind was blowing harder and it was getting colder. Snow fell heavily. I could smell a storm coming. I heard the wind whistle through the branches of the trees. I knelt towards her grave and my head hung down as I spoke.

    "Sydney...I miss you so much. I hope you are okay wherever you are right now. I wish I could see you again like when I was in my coma. I want to ask you questions," tears began to stream down my cheeks.

    Ask then, the wind seemed to carry her voice, though it did not scare me.

    "You knew that it was Sam and his friend that was driving, well you had to know..." I waited for another response.

    Of course.

    "How come you never mentioned Sam before? He told me that you were close,"

    There was no answer this time. The wind grew stronger and suddenly lightning stuck through the air, I could practically taste the electricity running through. Thunder boomed through the sky. Chills ran through me. Not the cold ones either, the creepy ones.

    Leave. Now, the wind screamed through my ears but somehow was still soft and faint.

    Some of the words are supposed to be italicized, so it may be a little confusing.
    And Sydney is her dead sister.

    And I love the hair tips. Brushes shall be gone. Though I am getting my hair cut short, so it can grow out straight, which I have been trying to do for forever now. Thanks!


  9. OK here you go! same Tyler from before. Sorry for any typos. hope you like it.

    As I pull up to the drive way and turn the engine off, I try to breathe slowly. The passenger seat feels so empty next to me. I barge into the house and make a B-line for my room, hoping Jackie will be too focused on making dinner to notice me. But once I make it up the first stair, Jackie says, “Hey where’s Emma?”.
    I freeze, not turning around.
    I shut my eyes. Crap. The chop-chop of the knife in her hand stops its steady rhythm.
    “Tyler Calvin Nelson. You turn around and tell me where Emma is this minute.” That’s just like Jackie, the fun understanding housekeeper one minute and my mom the next. But I guess she needs to be like that if she’s in charge of me.
    I slowly turn on the heels of my feet, hearing the squeak from the rich wood. Jackie’s giving me her “No crap, just tell me” glare.
    “Emma didn’t show up to school this morning.”
    Jackie’s glare leaves and is replaced by a concerned face. She doesn’t speak.
    “This morning I went into her room to see if she was ready, she had left a note. It said she was fine and safe but that she had to go. I don’t know where. I don’t know when she left. I don’t know why she couldn’t have waited until later. I’ve tried calling her probably fifty times. I checked her locker after every class. I tried seeing if she went to her job but nothing. I even thought about going back to her old apartment…” My voice had started calm and controlled but now I could feel my face getting red. I sit down. Jackie walks away from the cutting board comes up next to me. Her hand makes circles on my back.
    After a minute she gets up and goes to the phone, dials a few numbers and then waits.
    “What are you doing?”
    “Filing a missing person’s report.”
    “You can’t do that!” I sprint to the phone and press the hang up button.
    “Tyler! Do you want to find her or not?”
    “Of course I do! But we can’t involve the police.”
    “Why not?”
    “Do you remember how when she moved in and I told you there was some stuff I couldn’t tell you about?”
    She sighs and puts the phone down. “Yes.”
    “It’s part of that.”
    “Tyler, I don’t like this.”
    “Look, trust me. Emma isn’t doing anything bad.”
    “Well what are we supposed to do? We can’t wait forever.”
    “I know, Jackie.-”
    “If she doesn’t show up in three days, I’m notifying the police.”
    “Fair enough.” To be honest I don’t think I can survive three days.

  10. (continued)
    Jackie holds my gaze for three more seconds and goes back to cutting veggies. I go and stare at the blank TV screen, trying not to think of where Emma could be. The knife cutting stops again.
    She puts her blond curls in a ponytail and takes a seat next to me. “Hey, do you remember when you were twelve and I gave away your favorite stuffed animal?”
    “Yeah…” Where’s she going with this?
    “You called him Perry and he was a stuffed monkey you won at a school carnival. I was going through all your old stuff to find stuff to donate. A day later you figured out he was gone and you begged me to bring you to the store so we could buy him back. But once we got there, we saw a little boy buying him and you decided that he needed him more than you did… Tyler, I know you loved that money and I know Emma is-”
    “Are you comparing the love of my life to a stuffed monkey? I scream at her. Normally, I never scream, and especially not at Jackie, but this was not a normal time.
    “WELL WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO? You think I expected this to happen when I signed that paper? You think it isn’t hard for me to not know this thing about Emma? You think it doesn’t hurt me to see you hurting? You think I don’t know how much you love her? Tyler, I see how you look at her.”
    I look away, but Jackie keeps going.
    “And I see how she looks at you.”
    My eyes jet back. “Jackie, you don’t know that.”
    “What I do know is that when we do find her-and we will- you should tell her.”
    “Jackie, I can’t.”
    “Why not?”
    “She… She hasn’t had the greatest experiences with love.”
    “So that only means you can change that.”
    “Look, you need to tell her, just in case you lose her again.”
    “Don’t say that.”
    “Well… I’m just saying what if she doesn’t come back and you never get to tell her?”
    The question hangs in the air, heavier than an elephant.
    “I don’t know, Jackie.”
    “What are you scared of? That she won’t like you back?”
    “Jackie, I'm afraid of a lot of things.”
    “What are you afraid of most? Right now?”
    “Emma’s safety,” I say plainly.

  11. @kuualoha... The best part about the hair tips, is if you do those secrets you don't have to trim your hair every six weeks, only like once a year. :) Glad it motivated you! I'm excited to see what you've written. :D

    @Amber! HOLY BACK FLIPPIN COW!!! 13 pages is AWESOME! Seriously. I'm so happy for you! And can I just say, your story is incredibly intriguing? Hurry up and give us more! :)

    @Tess! Ack! you're on a roll! don't stop now! Where has she gone? You're killing me here.

    Great use of present tense, by the way.


  12. @Jenni I told you I love cliffhangers! Trust me though, she's fine....... Thanks, it took a while to train my brain to use present tense instead of past, and a lot of editing.

    Are you hooked yet?

  13. This is the last scene of my book CLAP 28.53 it's not perfect but I think it's not bad.

    In that moment I felt that the end was coming, live or die. My friends were by my side. How we ended up this way? 3 Kids fighting against the mafia. I saw them coming almost indistinguishable with their black cloathes. Now it was the time to seal the deal. The only problem was this: I don't trust Mafia. They killed my parents, my family and my poor little cat. Now they were comming after me. After us. I was only thinking this: What if they kill me too and I can't defend myself and the others?
    In that moment they were in front of us.
    "Now!!" They shouted.

    They started to shoot like crazy, and I think one bullet reached me because the next day I waked up on a California King Bed, with my head bleeding a lot. Suddnly I feelt like someone was looking at me. It was Jack, and he was bleeding too. But not in the head, in the arm.

    He approched me. Then kissed me on the cheek. "Are you ok?"
    The only thing that I answered was "I don't know".

    You are the best teacher!!! :3

  14. @Tess... Lol! You may have mentioned you love cliffhangers *grins*

    @katy... How old are you again? Amazing! :)


  15. Loved the lesson this week! The video is awesome, as usual. :) I love the way you talk to your kids. It made me laugh. :P Hope I did okay!

    The slow drip of cold water on my face woke me slowly from the dreary numbness of unconsciousness. I groaned and cracked my eyes open to look onto nothing. There was very little light, and without an obvious source in sight. I sat up and my head throbbed in response. I hissed through clenched teeth, waiting for the vertigo to pass. Son of a bologna eating biscuit, I thought. What did they do to me? My body felt raw and bruised. I could see cuts and scrapes running randomly across my arms and legs in the dim light. My purple tank top was ripped in several places.

    The room I was in consisted of three paint-chipped walls and a long passageway that lead to God knows where. I shivered as another drop of water hit me. I looked up to see where the leak was, but it was too dark to make anything out. I shrugged it off and scooted out of the way; I had more important things to worry about, like how to get out of here.

    I thought back over the things that had happened to find me in this position. I had just been cruising the mall with Lucas when a woman stopped me and asked if I had ever considered becoming a model. To be truthfully, I hadn’t. I didn’t think I was pretty enough. The woman however, was extremely persistent. I gave in and set up an appointment for the following weekend to come to a test shoot. I arrived and we took some shots, and I really didn’t think twice about the whole thing until after I was back in my regular clothes and talking with the woman who first approached me.

    “How did you like modeling?” she asked.

    I shrugged and answered. “It was pretty fun. I don’t think I want to continue it though.”

    “Oh? And why is that?”

    “It’s just not something I really like doing, I guess.”

    She sighed and shook her head. “Poor girl, you think you can leave now.”

    I frowned and asked “What do you mean?”

    All she did though was shake her head and turn away to talk to some security guy. A chill went up my spine and I stood there awkwardly for a minute. I was uncomfortable and unsure of what to do. Finally, I decided to leave. I made it out of the studio without any problems. Once I was on the street and a dozen feet from the door, however, two guys grabbed me. I started to scream but one slammed a hand over my mouth and the other shoved a gun in my face.

    “Scream and I will blow your brains out,” he threatened, causing me to gulp at the sudden lump in my throat. My heart thudded wildly against my chest and fear froze my limbs. I make a small squeak when the one behind me started dragging me, but I didn’t try to stop him. I wasn’t going to give them any reason to kill me.

  16. @Sarah... Um, WOW!!! Amazingly gripping. Great use of detail and slowing down, then speeding up as well. I'm so happy for you! :)

    Seriously, you guys are blowing me away! I can't believe how well everyone is applying these secrets to their own writing. I'm so excited! Eeep. You are just awesome. You will remember me when you're all famous, right? Lol!


  17. Sorry I haven't done this earlier, but i haven't started a story yet and I wanted to have an awesome story for you.

    The Secret's of Jennah


    Jennah Claire Avery, a lot of people knew her, but didn't actually know her. She was a different person to everyone, Well, Personality wise. Krystal Renee, Silver Longhorn, Trinity Taylor, and Hailey Jane were her so called best friends......Until May 7th 2010, The day Jennah Died... Or that's what everyone thought.

    Chapter 1
    you could hear the rain on the roof of the Garage. Silver and Jennah were alone, Since Jennah's parents were out of town. The faint music in the backround, you could barely hear it over the rain.
    "Here S, take a drink," Jennah Handed Silver a flask
    "What is it?" Silver asked taking the flask
    "Don't worry it's just something for you to relax,"Jennah Smiled at Silver, motioning her to take a drink.
    Silver took a drink and almost spit it out because of the burn," What is that?"
    "A little bit of everything in my parents stash of boo's,"Jennah took a drink from the flask,"I wanna dance, will you dance with me?"
    "sur-" Jennah Didn't let Silver finish by pulling her off her chair and started dancing to the song. Silver was kinda stiff, and not really dancing.
    Jennah pulled Silver close to her,"Why so tense, is it because of your parents? you know you tell me anything"
    Silver Tucked her straight black hair behind her ear and bit her lip."Yeah, my parents are get a divorce."
    Jennah Grabbed the flask,"Drink away, It'll make you feel better,"
    Silver bit her lip, her nervous habit,"I don't know"
    Jennah moved closer to Silver so they were only a couple inches apart," Don't you trust me?" Silver nodded yes," So just take a drink, unwind and relax. You can trust me"
    Silver took a deep breathe and took a huge drink from the flask,"That burns"
    Jennah smirked, and put the flask down." Honey, a little pain is worth some fun"
    Jennah tucked Silver hair behind her ear, and leaned in so there lips just barely touched each others. The unknown feelings coursed through Silver, but Jennah didn't feel anything except happiness over being able to play with another persons heart. Jennah could feel Silvers heart beat, loving the feeling of empowerment. Silver was the one to actually kiss the first person, though Jennah sure just put herself out there.

    Just another time Jennah took advantage of someone.Poor poor, Silver.....

    Hope you like it.

  18. I just recently started a new story "I Live To Let You Shine" and it's going PER-FECT. I mean, the characters seem realistic, the setting is realistic, the plot is realistic. I'm enjoying it so far! I have written drafts for each chapter, which means I have so many different ways to attack this plot. So I'm definitely psyched about that! I may post it on Wattpad later. Anyway, it's about this girl who has a severe heart defect, and during winter through spring she has severe illnesses, and for the past three years, it has deemed her in bed rest and she couldn't graduate from highschool. But not it's her chance. This is about her basically learning yet again and her starting a family after she graduates. Et cetera. But it's really fun now.

  19. This is just a little part from my newest story!
    Its called white ice and souls.

    739,467,328,103,157 plus 1. Thats how many people i have kil, uh brought to the afterlife. This was a child. A little girl. Charity was her name, Charity White. Age 5, she had fallen off of the counter while cooking with her mother in Sitka, Alaska. She hit her head and broke her neck in the process. She followed becuse i promised a place with happiness where she would have whatever she wanted. I was not lying. She didn't even know she was dead. I almost cried. I didn't thought. The last time i cried was the first time i had cried. It was also the first child i led away from this world. Then i went home and of course it was the same old crap to do. I got on my computer and checked my email. One email from my best friend Carly asking if i could spend the night. I sighed, why me why, I thought. "UGH" i said out loud accidentally. My mom walked up, "evr'ything ok sweetie?" She asked her velvet voice warming my soul. I stared into her liquid gold-green eyes "yeah everything's ok," I murmured. "You can go spend the night at Carly's house. I will call up-" I interrupted her. "DOn't say his name," i said through clenched teeth. "Ok i won't," She responded her gaze calm, like water rippling across the water. I went to carly's house and we did what normal girls do at a sleep-over. "So, who do YOU like?" She questioned. "I really don't know," I said obviously not paying attention. The night passed quickly we got mani-pedis and ate ice cream GALORE! Wait how stupid of me, Carly is rich, like R-I-C-H rich so she asked her mom to hire her traveling nail salonist and that's how we got mani-pedis. The next morning was the last day of school so I got into my little black dress and finished the day with only 3 deaths. (i didnt make it to the other 629, HE got them first.) The next day was my time to act...

  20. I really liked this one!
    This isn't exactly new but it's a new idea for me. (I'm a pretty hearts-and-ponies-and-rainbows author :D)I'm trying the mystery\suspense genre and I re-edited this :D I'm pretty serious about this story and have the plot and maybe even a sequel planned out but don't know how to immediately continue it -__- I know, I fail. But here's a part of the first chapter!

    A polished-looking businessman came strolling up to the apartment as if walking the eerie alley in pitch darkness was the usual thing to do. He flashed a winning smile at some weeping willows he was passing by as if they were his audience to woo.
    The man in the suit checked his watch and smiled another white, creepily perfect smile and pushed a button on the watch. A maniacal hissing sound was nearly undetectable in the midnight gloom. Something burst out of the watch, flung out, and grasped the side of the building. A grapple.
    The suave-looking man pushed the "watch" up onto his forearm and pressed another button. It suspended him into the air and directly onto the roof of the apartment. He landed with not so much as a thud. He crouched and grabbed the end of the roof.. and swung off the ledge.
    He freedropped onto the target's windowpane and pulled out what seemed to be a ball-point pen. He tapped the top twice and a red light shot out if the tip. He precision-cut a perfect rectangle with the laser and slid through the now "Open" window.
    Shelby Kasteen couldn't go to sleep. She wandered around and finally started going to her dad's bedroom. Nearing the window, she cocked her head in confusion at the gaping windows and the curtains waving in the night breeze like ghostly hands.
    Swit. A dart imbedded in her shoulder and she fell limp like the rag doll she was holding. The man stepped out of the shadows behind her and slipped what looked like a cell phone back into his briefcase. He continued down the hall like it was his own home.

    He silently padded to Dale Kasteen's room and smiled as he noticed his wife and son were out. When he went into his room, he saw that he wasn't in his bed. No surprise to someone like him. The door swung closed.

    "Never a good meeting with you, is it?", Dale spit out from near the now closed entrance.

    "And I can see that you didn't teach your daughter as you did your son.", he replyed. Dale's blood ran cold and his face paled.

    "What did you do to Shelby, Mastings!?", he yelled ferociously.

    "Not so loud, Kasteen. Someone might hear you.", the taunted with another dazzling smile.

    "Don't touch my family! I-I'll go back if you leave them alone", his voice faltered when he remembered the horrors of the last time they had met.

    "Now, now. Where's the fun in that? Though it's not required, I have permission to take your son, too! He's been quite a trouble-maker. Is this how you raise your kids?"

    He seethed in anger. He lunged at the intruder but he quickly sidestepped and barely dodged a quick punch. The businessman swung his briefcase but Dale grabbed his arm and almost got him into a headlock but only managed to mess his feathered hair before they were both back in their original positions.

    "Ahh, the good old days. Kasteen versus Mastings", Mastings said, "But this has to end." He slipped his "cell-phone" out of his pocket and pointed it antenae at Dale. Swit. The dart lodged in Kasteen's arm, knocking him out after a quick struggle. Mastings smiled and dropped his defeated target out the newly opened window and through the open roof of the truck that mysteriously appeared under the window. The immense vehicle wavered to an outline, then dissapeared.


    Sorry it's so long! Hope it didn't bore you!

  21. From live-laugh-love:

    Hey Jenni! Here is another lesson I haven't done the homefun assignment for. It's Lesson 4: the long haul:) Here goes:

    Something I have written and am excited about is my recent project, "Chasing Kaitlin", which is part of a six book series I'm planning. The six books titles are chosen and they all center around the same world and go chronologically. They are: "Rhiannon", "Boxing and Beauty", "The Grieving and the Gorgeous", "Charmed", and "Manchester" [in that order] But first and foremost, the book I'm working on is the first book, "Chasing Kaitlin":)

    "Chasing Kaitlin" is a teen romance novel which is praised mostly for its humor. The idea has plagued me for at least six months, the actual plot and title have changed multiple times. After FIVE plot changes THREE title changes and the fact I couldn't decide between first and third person, the thing finally came together in my head. I stayed with the title it is now, thought of a plot I'd love to work with, and found my niche with third person:)

    What do you get when you have an all around stubborn, hot-tempered girl who's hated this arrogant guy since the two were eight years old? Even better, what do you get when the two have to pretend to have been dating for the last three years to please said arrogant guy's family? One word: chaos. And I love funny chaos:)

    The plot was simple in my mind. Two enemies since the age of eight [A guy and girl. Nick and Kaitlin]--who are now eighteen years old-- have to fake a romantic relationship as if they'd been dating since sophomore year. The real truth is they are constantly taunting the other, expressing their hatred through pranks, name-calling, and other ways that make them seem eight again rather than eighteen. Their families, of course, are completely oblivious to it all. Did I mention they're neighbors? The only possible result is disaster:D Yeeeee! . . . I get to excited xD

    The novel centers around their hilarious struggles at trying to hug in front of people without strangling the other, and giving each other compliments that would most likely be insults if it weren't for their deal to fake it.

    But, the story isn't all laughs, since I don't hesitate to throw in the drama. I love drama. *Takes a deep breath and lets out a huge sigh* Ohhh, drama, how would life be entertaining without you. xD Lol. Haha. I have a very dramatic twist that'll shock some readers, and I am so excited for it!

    I just started the story--only four chapters are on Wattpad-- but I can't wait to finish! Though the plot is somewhat clichè, I've been praised by how the twists I add are taking away from the story's clichè-ness, and that my witty, nicely flowing writing style is a nice touch:) I do hope to become a professional writer one day, and hope to find someone that could 'help me on my writing journey', as I like to say. I'd love to have someone show me the ropes on how the publishing business works. Someone to tell me if I actually DO have the potential. Someone to help show me how to improve my writing to reach the standards of publishers. I just need to find that person. I look forward to that too:)

  22. if u wanna read more of my story i just put up the first chapter on wattapd;

    but a warning; ITS PG-13

  23. I am going through that "bump" right now on my story. It's like: "Ughh, maybe I should just go watch T.V. . . "

    Sometimes I have to literally lock myself up in the room with a chair outside, under the knob so I wouldn't be able to get out until I write another chapter or so. Then my brother lets me out.

    =) I wrapped my jacket around my quivering body. My clothes were drenched, and the short black locks of my hair dripped rain water across my face and onto the ground. Dark, stormy clouds overshadowed the big city of New York. People passed me as if I weren't there. My abhorrence grew stronger for the citizens. What was wrong with the world? Didn't people care about a teenage boy sitting on the sidewalk, alone, with no family or home?

    I wanted to call out for help, but I couldn't. No, I would never expose my voice again. I would never speak a word again. That voice of mine, it ruined my life.

    My body began shaking, and I wrapped my jacket around myself more tightly. Rain slapped the ground at a steady pace; it seemed to be singing a song to me. My eyes wandered a little, watching all the nebulous figures of kids and adults run to shelter before they were cursed with the cold. But no one took the time to stop and give me a curious glance, a hand of help. I didn't even mind some pity. Just someone to pay attention to me.

    The world seemed too busy for me. They all turned their backs when I had pleaded for help. Their cold stares, their hurtful words, or worse, the ignorance I always received as if I were invisible. I dropped my head to my knees.

    I just wanted attention, but no one cared. I had no friends, no teachers to help, no family members to see. And even if I did, what was I suppose to say? I was a quiet kid who despised his voice.

    There was no denying the truth:

    I am alone.

  24. ..........
    I sat in a room, it was all white, yet I somehow keep my sanity. Well, what's left of it, I've been in here for days. My Mother put me in here; she said I will be stuck in here until she found a asylum she thinks would be best for me. My mother says I have Anorexia, Congenital Analgesia (Where A person doesn't feel pain), Histrionic Personality (A personality disorder characterized by a pattern of excessive emotionality and attention-seeking, including an excessive need for approval and inappropriately seductive behavior.), and Pathological Lying. I don't know what half that is, how can I be something I don't even know about?
    I started scratching my eye, but I didn't stop, I kept doing it. I didn't feel it at all, so I scratched harder and harder. I look at my hands; I couldn't help but scream. My hands were bloody. So, so, so bloody. I started rubbing off the blood on the wall, still screaming. I kept on wiping the blood of my face and onto the walls. I can only see Blood and white, I start feeling dizzy, tired, and as if I was going to pass out.
    I heard someone come into the room, “It’ll be okay, Sydney, It'll be okay" I heard my mother’s voice. Then I close my eyes," Don't worry, Sydney, You’re going to a place that will help you. It's called Kingston Row, When you wake up you'll be there"
    I slowly drift to sleep, why can't I stay at home? Why do I have to go to Kingston Row? ..............


  25. Hi Miss. Jenni! This is something I wrote a few hours ago! I hope you can read this!
    Chapter 5 : Training
    We were in the woods. Doing what you may ask; well we were sitting on a galloping horse while attempting to shoot at moving target that were so small we had to squint to see them. This was a new training session that had been devised just to make my day a living hell.
    The day had started horribly enough. I was woken at the break of dawn for training, that would have been okay had I been a sushki, or morning person, like Ange, but alas I was a nemiki, a night owl. I got dressed in the Riders gear with barely enough light to see, and then I was taken here.
    We had been practicing on our longbows since morning and now it was getting close to 2’o’clock or lunchtime.
    “Okay!” Will said, “Practice ends for today. Same schedule for tomorrow.” I inwardly groan though my outward expression gives nothing away. This day keeps getting better and better.
    I slowly got off Bittersweet, my Rider horse. We were called Riders since we had a special bond with our horses. Our horses were of a special breed, a breed made exclusively for us. The horses were short, barrel-chested, shaggy and had an amazing level of endurance.
    Bittersweet was a glossy black. She was loyal but her most impressive trait would be the fact that she could go from an absolute standstill to a gallop in just a few seconds. Though this was a trait of the Rider’s horse, Bittersweet was one of the fastest.

    This is all I got so far with the chapter! i hope you like it and find time to post more videos!

  26. I just started a book on wattpad, and I only have a chapter and I do need to get off my laziness and start writing the second chapter so here is a bit of it. Hope you enjoy it. I also have french, thanks to my friend google translate... (PS, HP is awesome! Your kids have good tastes!)

    The Thief in the Red Coat.

    The floors dirtied with mud stains from the the costumer who just left, Brooklyn sighed, she just finished mopping. The bell rung, making it echo through the almost empty diner. Looking up from the black and white tiles, and saw her friend Vivienne running over with a over excited facial expression.

    "Brook, have you heard of the thief in a red coat? She's all over the news!" Vivienne exclaimed, "She had robbed a jewelry store! Diamonds, Perls, Crystal, and Ruby's. C'est incroyable !" Vivienne exclaimed, switching to french, with out realizing it.

    Brooklyn sighed, looking over at her friend, who was dripping from the continuous rain. The storm hasn't calmed down, she realized, meaning she will be soaked as like her friend, since she'll be walking home.

    "No I haven't" Brooklyn answered, bored, "And who cares? She's going to get caught and will do her time, and that's that." Brooklyn said but Vivienne protested, shaking her head.

    "But you don't under stand, the only thing they saw on the video tape of the store was a éclair de rouge, and nothing else!" Vivienne said, with pure excitement. Rolling her eyes, Brooklyn went back to mopping the dirty floor.

    "It's the most adventurous and exciting thing that's ever happened to this town since the scandalous affair between the married man who killed the women he cheated with, and took the money of said women, and that happened years ago." Vivienne finished, smiling with excitement.

    Brooklyn could only shake her head with doubt, and worry for what her friend would do. Vivienne always has been the brave one, but sometimes it got out of control.

    "Plus it will make a great story pour mon article dans le journal de nouvelles!" Explained Vivienne, about how they should track down the thief in red.

    "No" Said Brooklyn firmly, shaking her head at her friend, narrowing her eyes as she mopped the same spot she cleaned an hour ago, before the mud of the customers boots, and shoes came walking in the diner. Then Brooklyn realized the Vivienne too had mud on her boots.

    "Brooklyn just imagine-" Vivienne said only to be cut off by the ring of the bell that rung when the door was opened. They both snapped their heads in the direction towards the door. Brooklyn sighed once more, thinking to her self. More Mud.


Tell it like it is! :)