Friday, August 26, 2011

Lesson 9: Destiny

Hi, guys!

For your writing secrets class, I'm answering the two most asked questions today:

1. My friends and family are telling me writing is stupid, should I keep writing?
2. How did you get published?

Here are your answers:


Let me know if there's something I haven't covered so far.  What else would you like to learn?


  1. Thanks again for the lessons! So excited about your news, Congratulations! My biggest question that you haven't answered would be: How do you end a book? Thanks again!

  2. I'm so excited for you Jenni! I'd go to the midnight premier of the Pride and Popularity movie! haha

    As for lesson ideas;
    I'd love to write a series in the future but i feel like i wouldn't know how to rap up the first book while still have it not compeletly rapped up so that you can come back for another book....

    Maybe you could tell us how to write a quilery letter???

  3. Hey Jenni! So great to hear about all your blessings! After all your hard work, you deserve it!
    I just wanted to thank you! In an earlier video you told us the percentage of writers who never finish their stories, and that gave me the drive I needed to finish the story I've been working on for 5 years!
    So thank you. Now, thanks to that little piece of information, I can now proudly say I am the writer of A Single Silver Coin. Thank you Jenni! :D

  4. You really deserve to be published! You worked so hard on all of your stories and they're really enjoyable to read. I wish you every success in publishing and even making the movies. I just hope that they'll be released in England so I can go and see them at the cinema!
    ALSO I'd just like to say that you are such a big inspiration to me, hearing what you have to say and reading your stories really give me that extra boost to write my own. I've actually finished my first two stories (although they are in desperate need of revision!) and I've got another project I'm working on. You really helped me to keep on going :)
    Thank you so much for doing these writing classes they are helping me SO much!
    I would love to have a lesson on punctuation and how to write a query letter. But anything you post is really appreciated.
    You're amazing Jenni!

  5. I would love a lesson on outlining, character creation, and/or query letters. :)

  6. I would like a lesson on how to build relatonships in a story for enemies, friends, a couple, family, ect.

  7. i like finefrenzy's idea and how to end a book

  8. Congragulations! If a movie does come out I'll defnitely be watching it. I think it would be nice if you could teach us how to write querry letters. I've already finished writing my story so after I'm done editing, I want to go ahead and began sending querry letters to agents.

  9. I loved the lesson!!!!!! Being published looks sooo hard! :( But thanks for all the info on the benefits of writing :)
    Well... Some suggestions for lessons are:
    -How to get a lot on information in without just giving this BLOCK of info! I have so much information, character backgrounds, tiny details of the later plot, twists and turns, but I can't get it into the writing! FRUSTRATING! And it bores me when this character is just talking and talking.. I'm sure it would bore the reader too. HELP!
    -How do you cut up chapters? I always wonder whether I should just keep going or move a chunk of information to another chapter or what.
    -Editing. A lot of my writing NEEDS editing but I can't bring myself to really change things. Parts of the plot don't just click. Some paragraphs even leave ME saying "What?!". But I'm not sure how I should change it.

    THANKS SO MUCH JENNI!!! There's so little published authors who would take the time to do this kind of thing.. :D

  10. Maybe a lesson on ending stories, character development, how to do good cliff hangers or how to make successful epilouges/ prolouges

  11. I'm gonna be reading your book soon, I'm gonna buy it on my nook :)

  12. Hey I've been trying to watch your videos and I can't on oyu blog and so I tryed on youtube and it would just stop playing and end it at 1:58 seconds. I don't if it is my internet connection or laptop or if it was something you can fix or not. Just thought I would give you a heads up. Thanks for the lessons.


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