About Me

Hi!  So first things first... Yes. I have 10 kids living in my home at the moment.  7 of them are mine and 3 are fostered.  Yes, there are countless adventures everyday.  I just love being a mom! :)

Anyway, about me...

I love to write!  Mostly I like to write about romantical things. *sigh*  However, I've been known to write about other stuff too.  When I'm not writing, I paint portraits and before I began writing I was a professional children's theater director.  I LOVE being on stage and/or directing plays.  Also, I love to entertain and throw crazy fun parties and I Love love LOVE to cook.

Also, let's get one thing straight right now.  I NEVER wanted to be a writer.  Ever.  I always thought it'd be super boring. I thought reading books was way more exciting than writing them. Boy was I wrong.  Writing is the most amazing thing in the world!  Uh-MAY-Zing.  No joke.

For the first time ever I got to write a book I wanted to read.  I mean the characters did exactly what I wanted them to!  Lol!  None of this throwing the book across the room--this was MY story.  So it was Awesome!  Plus, there was the added fact I never knew what was going to happen.  Never.  So it was so much more exciting and addicting to write and create something from me than it ever was to read someone else's imagination.
The James Gang
I first began writing on March 18, 2008.  Pride & Popularity was finished within six weeks.  It was that addicting.  Plus Taylor Anderson was so complex and amazing, I had to find out what happened and if Chloe would actually ever see him for who he was....

As soon as I was done with P&P I began Persuaded.  That took me 8 weeks, because I was editing P&P in the mornings and writing Persuaded at night.  During Persuaded's edits I began to look for an agent for P&P and write Emmalee.

Emmalee took 9-10 weeks to finish and I got my agent on August 5, 2008.  And then I began the funniest book I've ever written: Northanger Alibi.  Holy cow!  I was laughing so hard while writing it and it was so hilarious I managed to finish it in 3 weeks.  Yes, you read that right.  But I promise it's that good... Hehehe.

Pride & Popularity will hit stores and the internet in July 2011, and Northanger Alibi will be available this November (2011).  Persuaded is tentatively slotted for a Spring 2012 release.